The New Vision and Mission of Bina Artha

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 03/03/2019 14:23

It has been seven years since the inception of Bina Artha and it has succeesfully served more than 340,000 clients in Indonesia. This confirms the rapid development of the company’s business. To strengthen its position in the industry, PT Bina Artha Ventura remodeled its vision and mission align with the strategy, vision and mission of CreditAccess Asia, it’s holding company. The revamp in direction meaning for the growth of Bina Artha’s business. Not only focusing on providing working capital loans for individual client, the meaning of the new vision and mission also includes direction for all employees to prepare the wider products and services that can fulfill Indonesia families needs. Giving a broader products and services offering, Bina Artha will provide access to reliable financial and non-financial solutions, especially for the families who have a limited access to formal credit.

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