KOMPAK Product Supported by water.org

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 23/03/2020 10:20

To celebrate World Water Day on March 22th 2020, Bina Artha received a visit from a local television stasion DAAi Tv. The purpose of this visit is to interview Bina Artha regarding the KOMPAK product, a program providing loans for the construction or renovation of sanitation facilities and access to clean water. Ms. Berenice De Gama Rose as the Distribution Head of Bina Artha Ventura explained that the KOMPAK product has been designed and supported by Water.org, a non profit organization providing technical and non-technical support. Bina Artha hopes that with the presence of the KOMPAK product clients especially clients from Bina Grup have better access to water and sanitation as well as increase their awareness in maintaining environmental cleanliness.

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