Opening 9 Branches in North Sumatra, Bina Artha Expands the Reach of Financial Services

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 15/12/2023 10:56

In line with the realization of Bina Artha’s vision and mission to help improve the standard of living of the Indonesian people, on 2-3 November 2023 Bina Artha expanded its service reach by opening the first 4 Individual Lending (IL) branches in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. The four branches are located in four sub-districts, namely Deli Tua, Percut Sei Tuan, Perbaungan, and Tanjung Morawa.

The inauguration of 4 branches in Deli Serdang was attended by Mrs. Fitria Widyaswara (CHRO Bina Artha) and Mr. Ade Irawan (CFO Bina Artha) accompanied by Mr. Sahala Siahaan (DH IL Bina Artha) and Mrs. Ika Apriyani Paskawati (RM IL Sumatra Bina Artha) through a ceremony cutting ribbons and tumpeng as well as draping ulos cloth as a symbol of North Sumatra’s cultural wisdom.

After opening a branch in Deli Serdang, on 11-13 December 2023, Bina Artha opened 5 new Individual Lending (IL) branches in North Sumatra Province. The five branches were opened in five different areas, namely Sunggal, Labuhan Deli, Balige, Tarutung, and Dolok Sanggul which were attended by Mrs. Berenice Da Gama-Rose accompanied by Mr. Sahala Siahaan (DH IL Bina Artha), Mr. Ignatius Lukman (PM IL Bina Artha) , Mr. Faisal Lubis (PM GL Sumatra Bina Artha), and Mrs. Ika Apriyani Paskawati (RM IL Sumatra Bina Artha) who were also celebrated through a ribbon cutting ceremony and tumpeng.

By opening 9 new branches, Bina Artha is optimistic about expanding the coverage of IL branches in other areas so that Bina Artha can always provide easy and innovative access for Indonesian families to obtain reliable financial and non-financial services and become a trusted business partner in every area, so that it can achieve better economic and social improvement.


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