Bina Artha Ventura Recruitment

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 19/04/2012 10:41

We welcome dynamic and motivated individuals who wish to achieve their career goals while taking part to a social business initiative. Bina Artha as a young and fast growing organization provides many opportunities to any individual who like to work in a challenging environment.

In order to succeed our employees must share our passion to work with low income people in villages anywhere in Indonesia. Technical skills such as capacity to perform credit analysis, presentation and computer skills are important tools for our field staff as well as the understanding of local culture, practices, and social economic structure.

Bina Artha provides a structured training program for all employees to ensure their understanding of the industry, clients, products, and technology.
We always try to fulfil any vacancies with internal promotion before sourcing candidates from outside of our organization. A structured career path has been in place as guidance for our employees to build their career with Bina Artha.

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