The 6th Anniversary of Bina Artha

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 27/11/2017 12:14

Jakarta, November 21st 2017.

Bina Artha celebrated their 6th anniversary on November 14th 2017. Bina Artha has always provided the best service for its client. We strive to bring the prosperous life of Indonesian family by providing micro business loans. By September 2017, we have served almost three hundred thousand clients in more than six thousand villages.

Celebrating Bina Artha’s birthday, we held a workshop session to discuss the company’s strategy in every Department Head and carried out the anniversary celebration at all branch offices. As a form of our gratitude, we also held a prayer session together with all employees every once in a week so our company will be blessed in doing its business as well as growing and developing while serving clients.

With cohesiveness, optimism, and the hardwork of all employees, we believe that Bina Artha will continue growing and developing into a leading provider of specialized financial services by serving 1,000,000 households in Indonesia in 2020

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