The Implementation of The 4 Disciplines of Executions

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 25/04/2018 12:17

Bina Artha is applying The 4 Disciplines of Executions (4DX) System that helps leaders to focus on one important goals to be achieved.

Leaders have to lead their teams to identify The Wildly Important Goals (WIG). After they figure out the WIG, they have to set the lag measure. Lag measure is the specific target that related to WIG. To achieve the lag measure, they have to set the lead measure in which step are due to trigger success.

To create a good character possessed by all of the employees, this 4DX system should be applied by all employees simultaneously. To help the employees do this system regularly, the management holds workshop session regularly. The 1st was held in March 2018 and the next session will be held periodically.

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