Epic Bina Artha Event

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By May 2018, Group Lending (GL) business in Bina Artha has achieved the perfect liquefaction target for six years. It is a remarkable achievement and is called “The EPIC MONTH” by Mr. Christian Banno, our Chief Executive Officer.

To appreciate the achievement, on July 4 to July 7, 2018 at the Athalia Resort Bogor, Bina Artha held an activity called EPIC Bina Artha, which aimed to give reward to employees, especially those of Group Lending (GL) branches, who have worked smartly in providing a positive contribution for the development of the company’s business.

The event was attended by Group Lending business leaders I.e. Provincial Manager (PM), Regional Manager (RM), and Area Manager (AM). The event was also attended by managers from headquarters.

In addition to rewarding branch employees, there will be a Group Lending consolidation meeting (GL) to conduct an evaluation on the 1st semester of 2018 remuneration period and there will also be a meeting for the action plan to be conducted in the second half of 2018. The meetings are held to motivate Bina Artha’s employees to provide the best services to our clients in order to help the clients achieve a successful business with Bina Artha.

Below are the best Group Lending (GL) branches during the  first semester of 2018.

Category: New Branch

  1. Best New Branch: Barombong Branch
  2. Runner Up 1 New Branch: Bajeng Branch
  3. Runner Up 2 New Branch: Porong Branch

Category: Existing Branch

  1. Best Available Branch: Telasih Branch
  2. Runner Up 1 Existing Branch: Ward Branch
  3. Runner Up 2 Existing Branch: Rengel Branch

We would like to Congratulate to all of the branches that excel for the best performance and we hope all of the employees can perform their best for better business development of Bina Artha in the future.

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