7 Years Partnership of Bina Artha and water.org

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 19/11/2022 10:00

Occupying the fourth position with the largest population in Southeast Asia, 20%* of Indonesia’s population does not have proper sanitation. Likewise, 24.8* million Indonesians still have difficulty accessing clean water. Thus, the issue of health in Indonesia is closely related to inadequate sanitation facilities and access to clean water.

Based on this fact, Bina Artha has collaborated with Water.org since 2015 to build sanitation facilities and access to clean water that is more appropriate for the people of Indonesia through KOMPAK products. KOMPAK itself is a funding for Group Lending (GL) Mitra or Bina Group which is intended to finance the development of proper sanitation and the purchase of water filters for daily needs. Water.org as a non-profit organization collaborated with Bina Artha in helping the community to gain access to clean water and sanitation facilities, playing a role in designing KOMPAK products.

Through KOMPAK products, currently Bina Artha and Water.org have begun to raise awareness of GL Bina Artha’s Mitra in maintaining environmental cleanliness, especially water and sanitation. Not only that, KOMPAK products are also considered as productive and innovative loans because their use can be allocated for businesses such as selling refill drinking water, water filters, connecting water and others.

As of September 2022, Bina Artha managed to disburse funding for 90,987 GL Mitra, this amount is equivalent to 363,948 beneficiary communities who have been helped to get sanitation facilities and access to clean water that is better. In addition to funding, Water.org’s form of support is also in terms of assistance and socialization regarding clean water and sanitation.

Through KOMPAK, hopefully Bina Artha Mitra will find it easier to have proper sanitation facilities and access to clean water, so they can be even more productive in developing their businesses.

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