Bina Artha 11th Anniversary : Level Up! Stepping Together For Better Quality

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 14/11/2022 10:00

November 14, 2022 is the momentum for Bina Artha’s 11th birthday celebration. During its journey, Bina Artha continues to grow by serving a total of 3,000,000 Mitra since 2011. As of October 2022, Bina Artha has 414 branch offices and 3,939 employees who are ready to serve more than 300,000 active Mitra in the Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi areas.

Carrying the theme of Bina Artha’s birthday: Level Up – #Stepping Together For Better Quality, hopefully that in the future Bina Artha can always provide the best service for Mitra and expand more widely to various regions throughout Indonesia.

In line with Bina Artha’s vision and mission, hopefully that together we can help especially micro-entrepreneurs in terms of financing through easy and reliable solutions and provide easy and innovative access for Indonesian families to obtain reliable financial and non-financial services and become a trusted business Mitra in each of our locations.


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