Bina Artha 2022 Awards

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 18/03/2023 20:00

Yogyakarta, 17-18 March 2023 – Bina Artha Ventura held the “Bina Artha 2022 Awards – Gala Dinner & Recognition” event to appreciate SoBAV which had the best achievements last year. The event with the theme of Broadway also invited the winners which consist of 36 Best Branches, 3 Best Area Managers, 2 Best Regional Managers, and 1 Best Province Manager to Hotel Amarantha Prambanan in Yogyakarta.

The event was held in a very rousing and the winners were also able to experience a special moment through an exclusive gala dinner with Mr. Sakti N. Hoedoyo (Commissioner of Bina Artha), Mr. Gonzalo González (CEO of Bina Artha), Mr. Ade Irawan (CFO of Bina Artha), and Mrs. Fitria Widyaswara (CHRO of Bina Artha).

Awarding moment in the form of winners receiving plaque awards, cash prizes, and exclusive merchandise. During the event, a variety of entertainment was provided to the invited guests in the form of live band performances, 360 photo activation, photo booths, and everything was more complete with the feel of Yogyakarta through the view of Prambanan Temple which is full of historical value and Mount Merapi, which stands gracefully.

Through this event, Bina Artha hopes that all SoBAVs in Indonesia will be more enthusiastic and motivated to fulfill extraordinary achievements in 2023. Let’s #LevelUP #SteppingTogetherForBetterQuality!


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