Ramadan 2023: Bina Artha Generates a Spirit of Quality Worship and Chases Targets Until Complete

What's on Posted by: binaartha on 14/04/2023 10:36

In this Ramadan moment, Bina Artha carries the theme “Taat Ibadah Berkualitas, Semangat Target Tuntas“, Bina Artha held a 2023 Iftar event for Head Office and Branch Employees. With the recovering condition after the pandemic, SoBAV in Branches can also hold Iftar events per area. Likewise with Head Office employees who this time can hold an Iftar event at the Ibis Style Tanah Abang Hotel on Friday, April 14 2023.

In order to revive the enthusiasm of all employees, Bina Artha held various competitions with prizes during the moments of Ramadan to Eid al-Fitr through Instagram social media. Starting from using an Instagram filter themed “Taat Ibadah Berkualitas, Semangat Target Tuntas” to closing with the use of the Eid Mubarak Photo Competition themed Twibbon where SoBAV can capture solemn moments and other Eid activities during Eid.

To make the Ramadan moment even more solemn, there is a spiritual cleansing event segment from Dewa as internal talent – OD HR Team for the SoBAV Head Office. As part of the entertainment session, we presented Darwin Moa – Komika SUCI X, apart from that we also held a best costume competition for 2 lucky winners, an IG Filter Competition for 3 winners, and Lucky Tickets with various attractive door prizes.

In order to strengthen employee engagement as well as to appreciate SoBAV at the Branch, Mr. Sakti N. Hoedoyo (Acting CEO of Bina Artha), Mr. Ade Irawan (CFO of Bina Artha), Mrs. Fitria Widyaswara (CHRO of Bina Artha), Mr. Mohamad Iqbal (OD Head of Bina Artha), along with the Marcomm team and the OD team held the Grebeg Bukber event at the GL Biringkanaya Branch, GL Galesong Selatan Branch, IL Mojokerto 2 Branch, and IL Malang Selatan Branch. On this occasion, we also inserted an entertainment program in the form of IG Live “NgaBAVburit” to explore places from ngabuburit and takjil hunting spots in the local area of Losari Beach – Makassar and Alun-alun Malang.

Through this series of Bina Artha activities in Ramadan, it is hoped that SoBAV will continue to maintain and improve the quality of worship for the better and continue to have a positive spirit and motivation to achieve company targets with better achievements. Let’s #LevelUP #TowardsBetterQuality!


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