11 May, 21

Iftar Event with Bina Artha Branch Employees

Every Holy Month of Ramadan all employees of Bina Artha organize an Iftar or break fasting together activity. This moment is of course being used to strengthen the ties of friendship and team work harmony amongst all of us. May …

04 Mar, 21

Bina Artha Cares about SoBAV (West Java Flood Disaster)

In the beginning of 2021, several regions in Indonesia experienced natural disasters, such as floods in several areas in West Java. Some of the SoBAV houses were also affected, which resulted in severe building damages. This became a common concern …

14 Nov, 20

Great With Bina Artha (9th Anniversary)

Happy Birthday, Bina Artha! Although currently there is distance that limits the space of movement, celebrations to commemorate Bina Artha’s 9th Anniversary were still carried out in a spectacular way and with full of joy, both at the Head Office …

08 Oct, 20

New Normal Era in Bina Artha

All Bina Artha branches have put into place new healthy or New Normal habits as an effort to break the chain of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) transmission. The implementation of the 3W health protocol (Wear your mask, wash your hands and …

10 Jul, 20

Bina Artha Together with Water.org Care about their Clients (Water Towers Installation and Healthy Living Socialization)

The pandemic situation does not deminish the spirit to continue to share with Bina Artha’s clients. A while back, Bina Artha through the KOMPAK product supported by Water.org provided two water tower units to help clients affected by the flash …

29 Apr, 20

Together We Can Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Several Bina Artha branches carried out socialization activities to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). Bina Artha has taken various steps such as distributing masks to the local communities as well as spraying disinfectant liquid around the houses …