Individual Lending - Bina Usaha

Easy Process

  • 1 week process
  • Soft collateral
  • Credit limits: IDR 8 – 50 million
  • 6 – 36 months loan maturity
  • Monthly installments
  • Only citizen ID card, marriage book and family card.
  • Multichannel repayments (BRI, Alfamart, and Mandiri)


  • Male or female who have citizen ID card
  • min. 21 years old.
  • The business has been running for 2 years minimum.
  • Enterprises that are not prohibited by the Government
  • Our business locations are:
    1. Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.
    2. Solo and surrounding areas.
    3. Semarang and surrounding areas.
    4. Kediri, Malang and surrounding areas.
    5. Tegal, Purwokerto and surrounding areas.
    6. South Sulawesi and surrounding areas.

What is Bina Usaha?

Through the Bina Usaha product Bina Artha offers working capital ranging from IDR 8 to 30 million to individuals owning micro and small enterprises and who can offer adequate movable collateral, such as equipment, stock, business appliances, etcetera. Repayment is monthly and tenure can be up to 3 years, depending on the cash flow of the client’s business.

Market Segmentation

Micro and small enterprises with gross revenue above IDR 4 million per month run by entrepreneurs mostly working in urban and semi-urban geographies. They either own a home or business or both. The clients in Bina Usaha use Bina Artha loans for working capital, business asset purchase, business expansion, business and house premises renovation.

Why Bina Usaha clients like Bina Artha: 

  • We are flexible in our collateral requirements.
  • Our process and documentation is standard, simple and transparent.
  • We have multiple branches and payment points close to clients’ businesses.
  • We ensure a fast turn-around time of maximum 7 days for new clients and 5 days for returning clients.
  • We sincerely care for our clients and strive to build a long term relationship with them.



Installment Simulation

Group Lending - Bina Grup

Easy Process

  • No collateral.
  • Fast process only 5-6 working days.
  • Credit limits: IDR 3 – 7 million.
  • 31 times installment payment period.
  • Only citizen ID cards and family card.
  • Installments payment every two weeks.


  • Intended for group loans (must form groups).
  • A group must have a minimum of 10 members.
  • Women with citizen ID cards.
  • Min. 21 years old
  • Have a business or starting up a business.
  • Owing their house.
  • Our business location are:
    a. West Java
    b. East Java
    c. Yogyakarta
    d. Center Java
    e. South Sulawesi
    f.  Central Sulawesi
    g. West Sulawesi
    h. South East Sulawesi
    i. North Sumatera

What is Bina Grup?

Bina Grup is a collateral-free working capital financial product for women owning a micro enterprise  which is provided according to an improved version of the traditional Grameen methodology. The first amount is up to  IDR 4 million and can be increased over the following cycles if clients show an adequate repayment capacity and credit history. Repayment frequency is  fortnightly and the tenure 15 months.

Bina Grup Clients

Who are Bina Grup clients: they are women with a daily gross income up to IDR 100,000 mainly living in semi-urban and semi-rural areas, in the proximity of main transportation arteries and somehow connected to small and medium markets. In semi-urban and semi-rural areas villages are in fact still characterized by a stronger sense of community and solidarity amongst inhabitants which is fundamental for the correct functioning of lending based on peer pressure and joint liability. The proximity to main roads and urban and suburban markets ensures the areas where our clients are located are economically active which in turn is conducive for their micro businesses. Target clients are usually mostly engaged in petty trade, food processing, small production, services (mainly transportation).


Why Bina Grup clients like Bina Artha:

  • We ensure a fast disbursement process (on average 7 working days).
  • Collection meetings are held close to our client’s houses or business place.
  • Collection meetings take a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • We adopt the highest level of transparency towards our clients with full disclosure of terms and conditions.
  • We keep a constant open channel with our clients, with a hotline they can call in case of complaints and suggestions.
  • As microfinance is the only sector we operate and our bread and butter, we are extremely committed to be engaged with low income clients in need for finance in the long-term.

In 2016 Bina Artha introduced a water and sanitation loan called KOMPAK to cover the need for proper toilets and accessing to better quality water of existing Bina Grup clients. KOMPAK can be used by clients to  finance both the building of toilets or the purchase of water filters and for their business needs.

Flow Process of Bina Grup

Client Protection

Based on our commitment to the principle of partner protection, Bina Artha received a Client Protection Certification - Bronze from MFR in August 2023. The main pillars of our relationship with the clients are the followings:


Appropriate product design and delivery: we have designed our products after studying in length our target population to ensure the products are well tailored to their needs. Delivery methodology is customized to make sure that working capital installments can be easily paid by clients, both in terms of their impact on monthly income and the physical collection location.

Prevention of over-indebtedness: we analyze the monthly cash flow of our clients to make sure that they are able to repay the working capital received. We include in the analysis the installment paid by clients for existing funding with other financial institutions. We finally make sure, through post disbursement checks, that the clients use the working capital as mentioned in the application form.

Pricing: we define our pricing, terms and conditions by taking into account Bina Artha sustainability in the long-term and the affordability for clients.

Transparency: we clearly disclose to clients all terms and conditions of the financial products we offer them, through explanations during the compulsory group training, in the formal agreement with the clients and in the passbook given to them after disbursement. In fact, at the moment of disbursement Bina Artha issues a passbook to clients in their local language including the following information:

  • Client’s identity and the relevant information about the group and the center.
  • Salient terms and conditions of the agreement with Bina Artha.
  • Working capital repayment schedule.
  • Rate of interest charged (monthly and annual, flat and declining), cash collateral and insurance cost.
  • Bina Artha hotline number for feedbacks and complaints and the address and telephone number of the relevant branch.

Fair and respectful treatment of clients: Bina Artha ensures its field staff interacts with clients fairly and respectfully, with the aim of fostering clients’ self-confidence and their long-term relationship with us. In order to avoid any misbehavior towards clients Bina Artha does not offer monthly incentives to field staff to aggressively source clients or to enforce collection at any cost. At the same time, we provide clients with channels to get in contact with us for any complain or suggestion.

Though it is essential to recover over dues from clients, in Bina Artha staff members must never make use of any of the following inappropriate collection techniques:

  • Excessive prolongation of centre meetings till payments are made.
  • Psychological or physical pressure.
  • Using disrespectful language.
  • Being insensitive towards client’s feelings.
  • Contacting customers at inappropriate hours of the day (staff can only visit or call clients for follow up visits between 9 A.M to 7 P.M.).
  • Unauthorized seizure and holding of assets and important documents.

Besides, in the case of genuine reasons of delinquency, a client’s working capital can be rescheduled to enable the client to cope with the temporary problem and stabilise cash flows.

Bina Artha does not outsource recovery to any external recovery agents.

Privacy of client data: we treat individual client data in accordance with the laws and regulations of Indonesia. Client data is only used for the purposes specified at the time the information is collected or as permitted by the Indonesian law, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Mechanisms for complaint resolution: Bina Artha values any communication coming from clients. We therefore provide clients with several points of contact through which they can express their feedbacks or complaints. We contact clients from a dedicated team at the Head Office right before and after disbursing the working capital, to ensure they are informed of all terms and conditions and collect valuable feedbacks. We also provide clients with a direct hotline with our Head Office that they can use to contact us during operational office hour to express distress or simply to request more information. All requests from clients not followed up and closed within five days are escalated to the top management and eventually the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

Implementation of principles: Bina Artha prominently displays the core values and code of conduct on the notice board of head office and all branches, and put systems in place to ensure compliance. Bina Artha also ensures that our staff are trained or oriented to put these values into practice. Bina Artha will initiate necessary disciplinary action against staff who abuses any of the principles of clients protection.