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At Bina Artha, people are our #1 asset, we take good care of them. Bina Artha was created and developed thanks to the contribution of people with high work and personal ethical standards and a passion for Bina Artha clients’ segment. Now, the main identifying element of our employees is that they show integrity and care about others, as they know that helping fellow Indonesians to improve their life and the life of their families through financial services is the most fulfilling work possible.

The working climate in Bina Artha is conducive to allow employees to develop their skills at the maximum. In fact, we value teamwork, freedom to share ideas and opinions, clear career path and many training opportunities.


Bina Artha provides a good career path and gives all staff equal opportunities to advance their career. As one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, we are continuously opening opportunities for good performing employees throughout Indonesia to grow within Bina Artha. We have several programs to groom our future leaders, such as the Officer Development Program and the Talent Pool, which entails intense training and exposure to prepare the best employees in any position to take on managerial functions.

70% of our employees come from are millennials and gen-z thus we maintain an informal but professional style and we leverage on technology and social media to make sure employee’s skills building is as effective as possible.


We provide continuous training to our employees, both in soft skills and the hard skills, to make sure they are always ready to face any work challenge and growth both personally and professionally


  • Mary Supratin

    Quality Assurance Manager
    I really saw the development of Bina Artha since the first time I joined this company, starting with 5 branches in 2012 to hundred branches now. Bina Artha is growing so fast. The fast growing of Bina Artha is a big challenge for me to ensure that my team will get the best career track in Bina Artha
  • Sulastri

    Information Technology Manager
    The Information Technology division function requires every employee to be ready to face the dynamics of a rapidly growing business. To support the business growth, Bina Artha gives me and my team a space to create new things that support the development of the company's business. Bina Artha is the right place to develop the employee’s ability.
  • Endang Safitri

    Quality Analyst Manager
    Bina Artha highly emphasizes the quality of service to their employees. Every employee is trained to apply the principle of accountability to every work acitivity. Bina Artha always gives full of trust to me and my team to ensure that all business processes run according to the company’s procedures. By having the trust from Bina Artha, I am becoming more excited to improve my performance in Bina Artha.
  • Aditya Putra Pratama

    Internal Audit Manager
    Bina Artha has features that are reflected in its vision and mission. This vision and mission directs all employees to apply the principles of integrity that uphold ethics and honesty in every work activity. This is rarely found in other companies where the principle can avoid every employee from fraud.
  • Iswinda Arianos

    Provincial Manager Sulawesi
    We are ready to bring Bina Artha to success according to our latest vision and mission. Therefore, I believe, all Bina Artha employees are ready and able to realize the latest vision and mission through the best and reliable service for partners and become the financial partner of choice in every location where Bina Artha is located.


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